I have a blog. Again.


And I say again because this might be the fourth or fifth time I attempt to have a technical blog of any kind.

I always end up giving up either before I publish anything, or after one or two posts. Not sure why, I have a few ADHD traits even though I don’t think I have ADHD. I also get caught up in attempting to “do things right” a lot of the time, and I struggle a lot doing things “good enough” to start with so I can improve them later.

Anyway, here I am, attempting it again. My intent with this blog is to write about software, games, and maybe other stuff. I’ve also struggled with starting to write stuff and then deciding it’s not “good enough” to publish. As if anybody expected anything from me here! I will find it a miracle if anybody reads this, other than maybe a couple of friends.

My plan now is to write here whatever I want. I’ll talk about silly stuff and serious stuff, I’ll write long posts and short posts, I might talk about my own projects, maybe about frustrations of the world. Who knows, but I’m gonna try and not take this as a chore, or as something too serious. Just a way of writting down some stuff, and that’s it.

Now, as I write this, I still haven’t committed anything to git, and it took me half an hour to finish this sentence because I got caught up in the rabbit hole that is selecting and configuring a theme. So I’m just going to stop writing, make a commit to the repo, and then pray that my old Netlify config works.